Come feel the heartbeat of the authentic Basque cuisine


Spoil your palate in San Sebastian

Best place to have lunch and dinner in the old town of San Sebastian | Bodegón Alejandro

They came afoot, or on horseback. They just had seen, felt and worked. They watched the boats leave, the cattle grow and the vegetable gardens bloom. They brought their goods and we serve them the same way.

Bells rang out, and the wheels of the loaded carts resounded on the paving stone. The Northeast wind blew to the rhythm of cannon shots and drums, the smell of low tides, marshes and sawdust flooded the streets.

There once was a time here that we wish to keep alive. Those looking for conversation and the taste of San Sebastian used to seat here.

Located in the heart of San Sebastian, in one of the most famous streets of the Old Town, the kitchen of Bodegón Alejandro focuses on the authenticity and classic flavors of Basque cuisine.

The chef Iñaxio Valverde cooks essence, tradition and the close ties with the land. A commitment to the seasonal product that awakes the beats of the authentic Basque cuisine. 

We are waiting for you.