Bodegón Alejandro

Authentic San Sebastian gastronomy in the heart of the Old Town

At Bodegón Alejandro we focus our cuisine on authenticity, tradition and the classic flavours of Basque gastronomy. Our cuisine is honest, showing what Donostia is and what it has always been, trying to add value to the best local and seasonal products.

In the dining room, the essence of the city is recovered and the atmosphere is calm, intimate and cosy. It is decorated with San Sebastian style, which pay homage to a city that, despite suffering devastating sieges, has always known how to rise again with strength. An enormous circular watercolour of San Sebastian presides over the dining room. Bertsolaris, drummers, arrantzales and harrijasotzailes are the other protagonists that will accompany you during the evening.

Sitting at the table of Bodegón Alejandro, one feels and enjoys this city, its customs and its flavours.

We invite you to get to know the history of Donostia and its gastronomy.